Kid's Toys
Toys & Gifts

As they grow older, simple rubber teethers and soft toys are replaced by action figures, train sets, doll houses, etc... Being a true children’s store, Baby Care houses the latest play time items for the older child as well. No child is old enough for play time.

Dolls & dolls' houses

let your child’s imagination run wild.

Dressing up & role play

Every kid loves to dress up as their favourite hero.

Action figures & playsets

Let your children play out their fantasies.

Cars, trains & construction

Which little boy doesn’t love to play with trains and cars?

Bikes & outdoor toys

The world is their playground. Why restrict it to the indoors?

Learning & books

Early learning... the fun way.

Music, puzzles & games

Music is said to be a very good learning medium. Want to try it out?

Art & creativity

Let your toddler bring out the Picasso in them.

Swim toys

Swim time doesn’t mean the playing has to stop.

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