Car Seats & Carriers
Car Seats & Carriers

In today’s rat race we live in even our young one’s will start to travel from an early age. Therefore, Car seats are a must for any infant passenger as it provides the levels of comfort and stability required at such a small age for a developing body. Carriers are also a very viable alternative to big bulky strollers, especially in an enclosed indoor setting. At Baby Care, we have the best of both worlds easily available for your convenience.

Booster Seats

Little one can’t quite enjoy the view? This is the solution.

Special Needs Car Seats

Optimum safety and comfort, no matter the size.

isofix Bases

Provides aximum stability to ensure the best riding experience.

Car Seat Accessories

Customize you and your child’s experience in the car.

Baby Carriers

Travel with your baby in close comfort, wherever you go.

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